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We will help you discover your natural abilities, hobbies, experience, talents and turn them into your source of INCOME.

Have you found your destination?

Did you know that 98% of people around you are in constant chronic depression? - The main problem is that they go to a job they hate.

Would you like to find your purpose and start earning from your favorite business after passing the THOUGHT FORMAT TEST?

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We will help turn your natural abilities and life experience into an additional source of income.

a) You will be tested to discover your purpose and natural talents in your life.

b) We will determine your reasons, and also give a reasoned answer to the question: "Do you live and work as intended or are you just living someone else's life, earning in a field that is not yours?"

a) We will create an individual RELOADING plan for you from the old life format to the new one. Also, we will form a clear list of directions in which you will be able to succeed in a SHORT PERIOD of time, thanks to the abilities that we will reveal to you.

b) We will help implement the plan we have created and bring it to fruition in the following formats: on-line, consultations, trainings and full support.

a) You will undergo a 7-day in-depth eye training (individual or group format to choose from). On it, you will learn how to apply an organizational chart for your business, websites, sales tunnels and much more. Also, you will have the opportunity to book the setting of all mechanisms for promoting your business as a priority Customer out of turn, to attract an incoming stream of hot buyers who will immediately buy your product.

b) For those who need further support, have already passed an additional test and passed a test on mastering the acquired knowledge, you may be given the opportunity to stay to live and work in Egypt for a period of 1 to 6 months. We provide all the necessary resources according to the agreement with Visma (Egypt). An example of this is: housing, office, assistance in the implementation of acquired knowledge and skills.

a) You can continue to cooperate with the Visma company in a remote format, but only if you have passed the assessment and shown the results of your work. In this case, you get a chance to come to Egypt for the winter (2023-2024), get opportunities, resources, develop your skills and a lot of experience working with various projects like any employee.

b) We help develop your business and become Producers for you as an expert and for your business project. You become a member of the Visma Club project and start receiving income not only from your project, but also receive additional income from the Visma Club project.

A unique test to determine your type and format of thinking

On this site, you can take the VISMA TEST, which is guaranteed to help you in self-determination and discovering your potential. Also, this test helps to understand the issues and causes of problems in the family, environment and at work.

You can take the test for FREE only until the end of the current day.